Bill Lepley
Senior Pastor
Bill serves as our Senior Pastor and his passion, leading people in discovering God's truth, is at the heart of his ministry at GMC. His commitment to communicating God's word in a clear and relevant manner is truly engaging. His timely handling of the teaching ministry brings a rich understanding of how God is at work in our everyday lives.

Kelley Sewell
Adult Ministries
Kelley currently serves at GMC as the Pastor of Adult Ministries where he enjoys connecting people to God, His Word, and one another. His desire is to see the people at GMC learn to love God's World, love Him, and love getting involved in ministry. This passion has been with Kelley since High School when he felt God asking him to become a Pastor after a particularly impactful reading in the book of Romans. "How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? And how can anyone preach unless they are sent? As it is written: “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!” (Romans 10:14-15). 

Lee Houtz
Worship Ministries
 One of the greatest joys in Lee's life is leading people in worship. He has one of the greatest privileges imaginable. Each week he gets to lead and participate in seeing the children of God worship their Heavenly Father. He loves every bit of the planning and preparing for this time, but the worship service is the icing on the cake. Along with worship, he is also incredibly passionate about the local church; about what it is and what God has designed it to be. From a young age he was always so excited to not only be in church, but to be a part of a church - to worship together, learn together, encourage one another each week. He feels so blessed to be able to invest his life's work into the local church; to see people growing in their faith, and as worshipers of God. He is excited because the fruit of these worship services is changed lives, and that is what we're about around here!

Georgana SanGiacomo
Worship Ministries 
Working to build God's kingdom is an honor and a privilege. Georgana loves to take what God is teaching her and creatively implement His message into corporate worship. On Sunday, hearing the voices and seeing the faces that represent all the stories of God's people coming together as one to collectively express their worship to the one true God is truly amazing. Hearing the testimonies of the body who live out worship throughout the week, and put into practice a lifestyle of worship that they express corporately on Sundays is a great joy to her. Psalm 86:12 says," With all my heart I will praise you, O Lord my God; I will give glory to Your name forever." We were created for this.

Luke Klimek
Student Ministry

Luke remembers feeling called to ministry at a very young age. His passion for youth ministry became clear in high school during an internship through Grabill Missionary Church. He desires to see students pursue Jesus and His mission. There is nothing more exciting to him than seeing middle school and high school students discover who Jesus is, and walking alongside them on their journey here at Grabill Student Ministry (GSM).


Kevin Brown
Student Ministry

Kevin felt God’s call to vocational ministry going into his freshman year of high school. Being called into ministry at such a young age is what he thinks gave him the passion and drive to help other young people develop Christian Leadership Skills. He sees it as his responsibility to not only be a part of overseeing Grabill Student Ministry (GSM) but also to help students encounter God and spark excitement for the loving God that we serve.

Janna Worthman
Children’s Ministries
Janna's passion for Children’s Ministry is rooted in three things...first is her love for Jesus and His love for her!
Second, is her love for children and Jesus’ love for them. Third, is her love for teaching. When she puts these three
elements together, it is clear that being a Children’s Pastor is the perfect fit for her and is the most fulfilling job she could have! Not only does she get to be in a position that meets her passions, she gets to do it at a church that understands the importance of partnering with families to reach children with the love of Jesus and helping these children develop a personal relationship with Him.

Amy Swartz
Preschool Ministries

Amy's passion is to provide a safe and loving environment for young children to learn about who Jesus is, what it looks like to serve Him every day, and how to share His love with others. She loves to watch little ones meet Jesus and then grow in their love for Him and His love for them.

Gary Gates
Pastor of Visitation
Gary retired in 2015 from full-time ministry that has included roles as staff pastor, camp director, and senior pastor, and various positions in a denominational headquarters. Gary recognizes and rejoices in the leading of the Lord to serve His body at GMC by visiting and encouraging its members who are home-bound or hospitalized and other services as assigned or needed.  He enjoys golf, reading, re-purposing/refinishing furniture, and garden and trail walking with his wife.

Ben Bulgrien
Ministry Resident
Ben has a desire to see people more fully engage their whole selves including their spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and physical qualities. He’s over the young adult ministry here at Grabill. His passion for ministry comes from the understanding that someone has to do this particular good work, so why shouldn’t it be him? He wants to instill a confidence in people that they can do good work too.

Kim Seevers
Church Business Administrator
Kim feels ministry goes way beyond typical church positions. She has a desire to share that God will use anyone at any time doing what they are willing to offer to Him. She is passionate about walking with God in our everyday, ordinary lives, and allowing Him to work through her and the church.

Colleen McCarthy
Administrative Assistant/Bookkeeper

Colleen loves to serve others. She feels blessed to have the opportunity to use her years of experience in accounting and administrative assistance at her own church. She says it is a pleasure to be part of this fun and hard working family not only on Sundays but the rest of the week as well. Grabill Missionary Church has made a positive impact on her family's life for over 20 years. Colleen loves to run so if you see her out running in the area please wave and say hi.

Linda Williams

Linda feels blessed to be working here at Grabill Missionary. She loves coming to work. The staff is amazing to work with and for. We are a family who have laughed, cried and shared our lives with each other.  In the years she has worked here, she has learned how important it is to build relationships with people. She loves that every day is different at work; helping people who walk through the church doors, or who call into the church office, to hearing people share their life stories with us.  She continues to pray that Jesus’ love shows through me with each person with whom she has contact.

Star Oren
Star loves serving in the church office, because she is a behind-the-scenes kind of person!  This is a great opportunity to be able to support the staff and the church body and be able to do the things that she loves to do.


Nancy Souder
Staff Administrative Assistant
Nancy loves to serve and believes one of the most valuable things we can share is ourselves: our time, talents, and energies in serving the body of Christ. Nancy has been blessed to be a part of the staff of GMC which gives her the opportunity to serve in many different capacities.  From the youngest to the oldest her cup runneth over.

Kirk Clark
Facility Manager
Kirk sees his job as a servant. With 700 bosses, if he can make someone's day easier or less stressful and put a smile on their face then he has done his job.  Just being able to help when he can. That's what life, this church, and his job are all about.