SMALL CHURCH | Sundays 9-10AM | 7-12 Grade | Rooms 201-205

YOUTH GROUP | Wednesdays 7-8:30 PM | 7-12 Grade | Youth Basement

LOCK-IN | January 26-27 | 9PM to 7AM | Grabill Missionary Church

SUMMER STAFFERS | Late May to Early August | College Internship

CDYC | Middle School June 16-19 | High School June 20-24 | Bethel College |

MISSION TRIP | July 2018 | Canton, OH

TENSIONS | Groups meet at various locations. | Details below.

Tensions is the newest addition to our ministry. Students will meet for 5 weeks in a leader’s home to discuss a subject. Tensions will be sign-up only . Groups are capped at 12 students each. Signing up for a group commits a student to show up for all 5 sessions. Tensions is designed to go deeper, and to have challenging conversations.

On Wednesday, October 4 , the students will be able to sample each class at the church during normal youth group time. Each teacher will give a 10 minute sneak peek of their subject for their 5 week series.

After these initial classes, we will have sign-ups available to them. Each student, who is interested, will fill out their 1st and 2nd choice. Groups are first come, first serve. We will do our best to get the students in the group they want to join. All students need to sign up by Tuesday, October 10 .

When: Monday or Tuesday 7-8:30pm

The week of Oct 16 through the week of Nov 13.

Topics: Our world is full of conflicts and challenges. How do we deal with those conflicts and challenges in a godly manner? We will discover what it looks like to tackle the tensions at school, home, and church. We will explore subjects like apologetics, family dynamics, depression, racial tensions, routines/schedules, and much more.

If you want to live like Jesus, you must be okay with tensions.