About Us

Where we started
Grabill Missionary Church started more than one hundred years ago.

Here’s how it happened.

In 1898, a bunch of like-minded people were meeting in small groups in fifteen church buildings and school houses, all served by a couple brothers who were preachers, all within a circle about 12 miles across. Some of the places had preaching services, some of them had Sunday school.

Some of the people in these small gatherings came from other churches, responding to a new (for them) understanding of what the Bible taught. Others came from no church at all. There was great excitement about the new things God was doing, and some resistance from those who had learned the old way.

In 1900, the railroad decided to build a town and the spreadout groups started talking about a central location.  In November, 1901, a church building was dedicated. In January, 1902, the first train went by. In February, 1902, the first plat of the town was filed.

Since then we've expanded our building five times. We've had thousands of members, regular attenders and guests. From this central location, we've sent people all over the town, the county, and the world. 

What we believe
Pastor Bill often summarizes our focus this way:
The Vision, Mission, Objective, Purpose, Goal and Point of this ministry are all the same. They are summed up in two simple words.  CHANGED LIVES! This place is about changed lives.  It’s why we’re here and it’s what we’re about.  CHANGED LIVES! It’s our target, our focal point, and our desired outcome. CHANGED LIVES! It’s what we pray for, give to, and seek to see happen. CHANGED LIVES! It’s our mandate from heaven and our work here on earth. CHANGED LIVES! It’s introducing men and women boys and girls to the life changing message of Jesus. It’s inviting people to make a first time commitment of their lives to Christ. It’s helping people take the next step in their journey of faith, to grow and mature as followers of Christ’s. It’s extending the influence of the gospel of Christ, through the obedience of our lives, as far beyond these walls as we possibly can. It’s being salt and light difference makers in a dark and tasteless world.  That has not changed and it will not change.  Though we are many times far from perfect, in our efforts to accomplish this, it is none the less our single focus and ultimate desire. 
For more, read our statement of beliefs
Who we're connected to:
We're part of a denomination called "The Missionary Church" which has its headquarters in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  Our denomination is evangelical in doctrine and practice and has a special emphasis on world outreach. For more, visit mcusa.org

What we're about:
We worship together every week. We have weekly activities for every age from nursery to senior citizens. We support missionaries working all around the world. With our giving and our volunteer hours we support Christian Community Health Care, A Hope Center, Love Church, InterVarsity at IPFW, Campus Life in Leo and Woodlan High Schools, plus we partner in community events.